otherwise know as miracles of unexpected kindness

  • Professional architectural drawings have been rendered. Thanks John Biggar of the Integrity Building Group!

  • Electrical assessment conducted to assure no overload. Thanks TAC!

  • Critical input on new boiler sizing by a “young” plumber. 74-year-old Joe, who has had several heart attacks, loves his trade and helping people. Thanks Joe!

  • Asbestos removal has been completed to keep construction workers and shower users safe. Thanks Environmental Maintenance Engineers!

  • Demolition of space and clean up. Thanks to the Madonna University Women’s Basketball team and MRA Construction team!

  • Leaky waste pipes have been repaired. Thanks David Perez and Murphy Brothers!

  • Our first Fundraising Dinner has been held. Thanks to Curtis Bryant and People Helping People!

  • Research and recommendations on expanding our donor and volunteer base Thanks to MSU's Student Consulting for Non-profit Organizations (Tyler, Mitch, Felix, Katie, Klaudia and Nate)!

  • Completed rough in of construction and passed city of Detroit approval

  • Applied for nonprofit status application to IRS.


Removing the Old Floor



Demolition Volunteers in Action 



Roughed in construction complete