Our Team


We welcome all to share their talents and compassion as we address the needs of the most vulnerable.

The core council of Corner Shower and Laundry is comprised of a diverse group of caring citizens.  We are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Unitarian, atheist, urbanites, suburbanites, students, teachers, retailers, consultants, and more.  We come together with the compelling vision of doing a good deed and repairing the world.

Board of Directors

Sue Goldsmith       Holly Goldstein 

Arthur Gabhart      

Janet Ray

Legal Counsel

David Pernick

Sue Goldsmith, Board Member since 2014

I think the homeless need showers and laundry for the most obvious reason - personal hygiene and wellness.  Most of us take for granted these simple events - to bathe and to launder - and don't always appreciate the benefits we get from them.  Prior to my involvement in this project, I didn't think twice about where or how others got these services, but once I became aware, it just felt like the right thing to do.  As our mission statement reads, "to give people a fresh start" is a simple, loving act that can provide health & wellness & so much more.


Arthur Gabhart, Board Member since 2016

I am interested in this because people need places with clean and safe facilities.