Project Overview



Corner Shower and Laundry has completed Phase 1 of construction.  Phase 1 included the internal demolition and preparation of the facilities, concrete installation, boiler purchase and installation, rough electrical and plumbing and rough framing of the facilities.   

Commercial Laundry & Supportive Employment

Our long range plans include providing a supportive employment program for our guests when we launch commercial laundry services.  This will provide a revenue stream for operations.  Nearby, Michigan Avenue businesses such as Slow’s BBQ have already expressed interest in the service.

The shower and laundry for homeless guests includes: 

  • Reception area with lavatory

  • Shower facility with 4 private shower stalls, 3 sink stations and a lavatory

  • Laundry facility with 3 washers and dryers and counters for folding

project phases budget.png