Giving people a fresh start through shower and laundry services

Project Overview



Through individual donors, The Corner Shower and Laundry has raised $119,000 of the renovation budget for Phase 1.    

Commercial Laundry & Supportive Employment

We will operate a commercial laundry as a supportive employment program  for people who are homeless.  This will provide a revenue stream for operations.  Nearby, Michigan Avenue businesses such as Slow’s BBQ have already expressed interest in the service.

The shower and laundry for homeless guests includes: 

  1. Reception area with lavatory

  2. Shower facility with 4 private shower stalls, 3 sink stations and a lavatory

  3. Laundry facility with 4 washers and dryers and counters for folding

project phases budget.png

Phase 1


In Progress

Volunteers have completed architectural drawings and schematics, obtained city permits, demolished the floor and existing structures and repaired damaged infrastructure and roughed construction. What remains for this phase is finish work: drywall installation, fixtures (tiles, sinks, lighting, janitorial sink, doors & hardware), painting and the sealing of surfaces.  We have two volunteer crews ready to assist once funding and donations are secured for the finish work. Expenses in this phase are a one-time cost.

Phase 2

Shower & Laundry Operations

target launch: 2/2019

Following construction, safe, clean shower and laundry facilities will immediately be available for guests, 4 hours a day, five days a week in concert with the operation of Manna Community Meal; potentially serving 64 people each day. Within the facility will be these resources-laundry soap, shampoo, body soap, towels, washcloths and, when available through donations, clean/new undergarments. Guests will have a set of clean, borrowed clothes to change into while their laundry is being done.  Expenses in this phase are the ongoing costs of operating the facility.  

Phase 3

Commercial Laundry

target launch: 6/2019

Our long range plan is to provide commercial laundry services to provide a revenue stream and provide employment for our guests. We will local businesses as customers.  Expenses in this phase will increase due to the commercial laundry and job training operations. Revenue from fees for service are expected to match the increased expenses and offset some expenses for ongoing operations of the shower and laundry for homeless guests.

Floor plan

Floor plan

Tile selected for wall and floor. Seeking funding.

Tile selected for wall and floor. Seeking funding.

Commercial washer donated by M Laundry.

Commercial washer donated by M Laundry.


otherwise know as miracles of unexpected kindness

  • Professional architectural drawings have been rendered. Thanks John Biggar of the Integrity Building Group!

  • Electrical assessment conducted to assure no overload. Thanks TAC!

  • Critical input on new boiler sizing by a “young” plumber. 74-year-old Joe, who has had several heart attacks, loves his trade and helping people. Thanks Joe!

  • Asbestos removal has been completed to keep construction workers and shower users safe. Thanks Environmental Maintenance Engineers!

  • Demolition of space and clean up. Thanks to the Madonna University Women’s Basketball team and MRA Construction team!

  • Leaky waste pipes have been repaired. Thanks David Perez and Murphy Brothers!

  • Our first Fundraising Dinner has been held. Thanks to Curtis Bryant and People Helping People!

  • Research and recommendations on expanding our donor and volunteer base Thanks to MSU's Student Consulting for Non-profit Organizations (Tyler, Mitch, Felix, Katie, Klaudia and Nate)!

  • Completed rough in of construction and passed city of Detroit approval

  • Applied for nonprofit status application to IRS.


Removing the Old Floor



Demolition Volunteers in Action 



Roughed in construction complete


The Corner Shower and Laundry was founded to give grown folks pride and dignity, the means to care for themselves and to find greater well-being.

The Corner Shower and Laundry was founded to give grown folks pride and dignity, the means to care for themselves and to find greater well-being.

One Man's Story

At St. Peter’s Church one Sunday, John, who is homeless, had first one and then a second seizure during the service. His fellow parishioners came to his aid. and saw that his feet were partially amputated. and more acutely smell the odor emanating from them.  Someone who knew John explained that his toes had been amputated due to frostbite the prior winter.  It also seemed that it may have been months since he’d taken a shower or washed his clothes.

A few weeks later, a volunteer from the soup kitchen said that John was again hospitalized, his legs amputated. Sores from his feet had not been properly cleaned or cared for and spread the infection.  It was too late to save his legs.  

Had the Corner Shower and Laundry existed, John could have accessed clean socks, soap, water and care for his wounds. John’s story propelled members of the congregation and Manna Community Meal to build the Corner Shower and Laundry.  

eugenia bajorak.jpg

Eugenia Bajorek, Manna Meal Volunteer for more than 30 years

After twenty years of collecting and distributing clothes to the people who rely on Manna Soup Kitchen for food and some shelter, seeing their struggles, witnessing their limitations, hearing their words of sincere appreciation, 'thank you' and 'god bless'; I want them to have the opportunity to use a bathroom, take a shower and put on clean clothes, before they face another day that offers them few comforts and less choices.